WA/ACEP is led by an energetic, engaged Board of Directors. The organization has a structure that provides opportunities for members to participate in governance activities and help shape the future of the profession.

Guest Lecturers

WA-ACEP Board Members are available to speak at conferences and meetings. See our list of guest lecturers.


WA/ACEP Committees: Any member is welcome to serve on one of our various committees, each chaired by a WA/ACEP Board Member. To volunteer on one of these committees, please send an email to admin@washingtonacep.org

2020-2021 WA/ACEP Board of Directors

Susan Stern, MDPresident2020-21
Catharine Ryan Keay, MD, FACEP
President Elect2020-21
Carl Heine, MD, FACEPSecretary/Treasurer2020-21
Cameron Buck, MD, FACEPImmediate Past President2020-21
Rod Beaver, MDDirector2020-23
Elizabeth Borock, MDDirector2020-23
Alyssa Dalton, MDDirector2020-23
Jaime Delcampo, MD, FACEPDirector2019-22
Herbie Duber, MD, MPH, FACEPDirector2018-21
Josh Frank, MDDiredtor2018-21
Raul Garcia, DO, FACOEPDirector2019-22
Sarah Hansen, MDDirector2018-21
Elizabeth McMurty, DODirector2020-23
Gregg Miller, MD, FACEPDirector2019-22
K Kay Moody, DODirector2018-21
Matt Sisk, MDDirector2020-23
Jessica J. Wall, MD, MPH, MSCE, NRPDirector2019-22
Brad Younggren, MDDirector2019-22
Stephen Anderson, MD, FACEPPast PresidentNon voting
Enrique Enguidanos, MD, MBA, FACEPPast PresidentNon voting
Christopher Kang, MD, FACEPPast PresidentNon voting
John Matheson, MD, FACEPPast PresidentNon voting
Nathan Schlicher, MD, JD, MBA, FACEPPast PresidentNon voting
Patrick Solari, MD, FACEPPast PresidentNon voting
Liam Yore, MD, FACEPPast PresidentNon-voting
Michael Zylstra, MDResident Liaison (Madigan)Non voting
Lola Mugistrova, MDResident Liaison (UW)Non voting
Cailey NickersonChapter ExecutiveNon voting