Summit to Sound Social Event

Social Event Summit to Sound

As a welcome back and morale boost after a difficult two years, the WA-ACEP education committee proposed to spend extra funds on a social event to close out Summit to Sound. The committee narrowed the activities down to three choices, ranging in potential cost from $6,000 - $8,000 depending on group size. The below estimations are based on a group size of 80 people.

Please see the cost breakdown below

  • Mariner’s Game: $110/person for suites with retractable walls. Can accommodate up to 100 guests. $110*80 + $600 (food) + $1,000 (alcohol) = 10,400 - 2,000 (credit) = $8,400
  • Argosy Cruise: 3 hour tour of Elliot Bay; accommodates up to 150 people sitting: $4,000 (minimum base cost) + $1200 (food)+$2700 (alcohol) = $7,900
  • Pub Games at Bell Harbor: $85/person = $6,800
Please pick from the following social Activities