COVID-19 Information and Resources

WA-ACEP is working to make sure you are equipped to handle your patients’ and community needs during this crisis. Please visit this page for updates on information and resources.

Summary by County

Check the Washington State Department of Health COVID-19 Outbreak Summary for further updates on the spread of the virus by county.

PPE Update – WA DOH

The DOH has published the following PPE Prioritization Guidelines 
We will follow up soon with updates.

Stay Home

Download this free Stay Home Banner to encourage your community to take proper precautions.

Best Practices

As Washington was the first state to be hit with COVID-19 in the US, it is our responsibility to update and share best practices as they develop. The following was created by board member Gregg Miller, MD, FACEP and dissemenated nationally on Friday March 13. WA-ACEP is dedicated to providing up to date information and we will update as necessary.

Best Practice Guides



Risk & Evaluation Criteria

The CDC website has a chart to guide evaluation of patients under investigation.

Cases should be reported to the hospital’s infection control department and to the local or state health department.