July 2018

2018 Annual Meeting Wrap Up

Past WA-ACEP Presidents discuss burn-out strategies. From left: Drs. John Matheson, Enrique Enguidanos, and Steve Marshall

Thank you to the more than 125 emergency medicine providers who joined WA-ACEP for the 2018 Summit to Sound May 31-June 1 in Seattle. Nationally recognized experts at the meeting were Drs. Brian Lin, Ryan Radecki, Megan Ranney and Ashley Shreves.

Topics covered included palliative care, preventing firearm injuries, literature updates, wound-care techniques, vascular ultrasound, and managing difficult conversations.

Missed the meeting? Here’s how those who attended the meeting will change their practice:

“Asking more questions about Chemo during triage.”

“Sharing wound technique resources with our provider team.”

“I feel better prepared to discuss firearm related issues and to work with patients in this area.”

“I am an advanced practice nurse and the talks on palliative care and laceration repair will improve my practice.”

WA-ACEP also inducted new board members and officers during Summit to Sound. Liam Yore, MD, FACEP took over the reins as the chapter’s president, succeeding Patrick Solari, MD, FACEP; and Cameron Buck, MD, FACEP and Susan Stern, MD, were named President-Elect and Secretary/Treasurer, respectively.

Board Members elected were: Drs. Herbie Duber, Josh Frank, Sarah Hansen, and K Kay Moody. Dr. Dan Getz was appointed to fill the board post recently vacated by Dr. Tom Tobin, who moved to Colorado.

WA-ACEP would like to thank the 2018 Summit to Sound Planning Committee for their work on the meeting: Drs. Steve Anderson, Chris Kang, Ryan Keay, Pat Solari, Susan Stern (Program Chair), and Liam Yore.

The chapter also presented the following awards during the business lunch, held June 1:

2018 Nancy Auer Meritorious Achievement Award

The Nancy Auer Meritorious Award recognizes individuals who have gone above and beyond the norm in emergency medicine to improve the quality of patient care and support the efforts of the chapter.

Mickey Eisenberg, MD, FACEP

Dr. Kathy Jobe presents Dr. Eisenberg with the 2018 Nancy Auer Meritorious Achievement Award

As an early leader of Emergency Medicine at the University of Washington, Dr. Eisenberg realized that critical resuscitations began prior to patient arrival and continued through the inpatient handoff. His research and quiet, academic approach helped make Medic One the world leader in Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest, while expanding Emergency Medicine’s reputation as a critical part of the entire hospital experience. He is among the first Washington EM mentors to lecture at the National Scientific Assembly and is still trusted by academic and “trench EM Docs” alike for his honesty and positive encouragement to develop and teach the science that is now Emergency Medicine.

Dr. Mickey Eisenberg is director of Quality Improvement of King County Emergency Medical Services. He directed the emergency department at University of Washington Hospital for 25 years and was the medical director of King County EMS for 15 years. He is also currently a professor of emergency medicine at the University of Washington. He has been a researcher and educator in the field of EMS his entire career.

Dr. Eisenberg has published over 200 scientific articles and 10 books on the topic of emergency medicine and prehospital resuscitation, including a book on the history of resuscitation. He and his colleagues pioneered EMT defibrillation and telephone CPR. Ten years ago he and his colleagues established the Resuscitation Academy.

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2018 Guardian of Emergency Medicine Award

The Guardian of Emergency Medicine Award recognizes individuals and organizations who have gone above and beyond the norm to protect the safety net of emergency medicine, improve the quality of patient care delivery, and work to support the efforts of WA/ACEP.

Katie Kolan, JD

Katie Kolan is the Washington State Medical Association’s (WSMA) Director of Legislative and Regulatory Affairs. Katie’s primary responsibility is advancing the association’s legislative and regulatory agenda. In addition to those responsibilities, Katie assists with legal and policy analysis and research on a wide variety of health law and policy issues impacting physicians, physician assistants and the delivery of and access to care. Prior to joining the WSMA, she focused on legislative, regulatory and policy issues for a Washington State agency. She has worked in other capacities in the health care arena. Ms. Kolan was admitted to the Washington State Bar in 2010.

Sean Graham

Sean Graham joined the WSMA in November of 2013 and is the Associate Director for Policy & Political Affairs. In addition to legislative advocacy, he also staffs WAMPAC – the WSMA’s campaign arm. Sean previously worked as staff in the state Senate in a variety of capacities from 2007 to 2013. He is a 2007 graduate of Central Washington University with a bachelor of arts in political science.

Ms. Kolan and Mr. Graham are recognized for their leadership and collaboration on the balance billing/network adequacy issue. They have spent countless hours meeting with legislators, developing strategies, and organizing an advocacy team of specialty physicians to create a workable answer to a complex medical-billing problem. Their dedication and support in these times of ever growing legislative, regulatory and political challenges for physicians helps all providers and our patients. WA-ACEP values their partnership as we explore solutions to the challenges facing the House of Medicine.

Drs. Liam Yore and Patrick Solari present Sean Graham and Katie Kolan with Guardian of Emergency Medicine Awards

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Join the WA-ACEP PAC Coffee Club

Emergency Departments across the state and country are grappling with complicated issues, from out of network billing and boarding of mental health patients, to the opioid epidemic and shortages of on-call specialists. To ensure that poorly-written legislation does not increase our administrative burdens, it’s critical that we have a strong WA-ACEP Political Action Committee (PAC).

Why Contribute to the WA-ACEP PAC?

WA-ACEP PAC is the only political organization whose sole mission is to support candidates who advocate for Emergency Medicine in Washington State. By providing contributions, the WA-ACEP PAC helps develop strong supporters for Emergency Medicine. PAC donations open doors to legislative offices so we can tell our stories. What does advocating for emergency medicine in Washington State mean?

  • Promoting the principles of Emergency Medicine, including access to care and fair billing.
  • Working for policies that improve the healthcare environment in Washington State for physicians and patients.

Who Can Contribute to WA-ACEP PAC?

Individual members of WA-ACEP may contribute. Federal law prohibits WA-ACEP PAC from accepting donations from other sources.

Contribute Now

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Stop the Bleed Train-the-Trainer Session at WSMA Meeting

The 2018 WSMA Annual Meeting will take place Oct. 13-14 at The Historic Davenport Hotel in Spokane. This year’s agenda includes a special Stop the Bleed Train-the-Trainers workshop at 4:30 pm on Saturday, Oct. 13. Attend this session and learn how you can get involved to spread awareness in bleeding control principles.

Motivated by the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting and multiple tragedies that have occurred in the ensuing years, law enforcement, the federal government and the medical community joined forces to improve survivability from man-made or natural mass casualty events. They determined that by providing law enforcement and civilian bystanders the skills and basic tools to stop uncontrolled bleeding in an emergency, lives would be saved. The result: A basic training program in bleeding control principles called Stop the Bleed, which is today being used across the country.

This train-the-trainers workshop is being offered by Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center Trauma Services, in partnership with the American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma.

Learn More and Register

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Calendar of Events

North Puget Sound Emergency Medicine & Trauma Conference 2018
Sept. 7, 2018
Edward D. Hansen Conference Center, Angel of the Winds Arena, Everett, WA
Learn More

UW Medicine EMS & Trauma Conference 2018
Sept. 17-18, 2018
DoubleTree Hotel Seattle Airport, Seattle, Washington
Sponsored by Harborview Medical Center and Airlift Northwest
Learn more

Pediatric Emergency Medicine 2018
The Sick and Injured Child
Sept. 26, 2018
Courtyard Marriott, Tacoma, WA

Oct. 1-4
San Diego, CA
Learn More

WSMA Annual Meeting
Oct. 13-14, 2018
The Historic Davenport Hotel, Spokane, WA
Learn More

2018 EM Leadership Summit
Nov. 14, 2018
The Conference Center at the Seattle Tacoma International Airport
Register Online

39th Annual Current Concepts in Emergency Care
Dec. 2-7, 2018
Maui, Hawaii
Learn More

WSMA Legislative Summit
Feb. 7, 2019
Olympia, WA
Learn More

ACEP Leadership and Advocacy Conference
May 5-8, 2019
Washington, DC

2019 WA-ACEP Summit to Sound
Dates TBD - Look for more information coming soon!

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Participate in the UW Radiology Practices Survey

Radiologists use specific terms to describe findings in their reports and express their degree of certainty for particular diagnoses. These terms are not unified among radiologists and provide no standardized method to convey the degree of certainty to clinicians. Since patients have access to their radiology reports, the same variations in expression are also transmitted to the patients. Additionally, there is lack of uniformity among clinicians in interpretation of this terminology. As a result, communication between radiologists, clinicians, and patients can be impeded or difficult at times. Attempts have been made by various radiologic groups and societies to provide standardized reporting parameters, but so far these are organ or disease specific.

The survey attempts to ultimately improve communication between clinicians and radiologists.

The survey takes between 5-7 minutes and is intended for post-training clinicians.


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Washington ACEP Board

Liam Yore, MD, FACEP
Cameron Buck, MD, FACEP
President Elect
Susan Stern, MD
Patrick Solari, MD, FACEP
Immediate Past President

Elizabeth Borock, MD
Jaime Delcampo, MD, FACEP
Herbie Duber, MD, MPH, FACEP
Josh Frank, MD
Raul Garcia, DO, FACOEP
Dan Getz, DO
Sarah Hansen, MD
Carl Heine, MD, FACEP
Catharine Ryan Keay, MD, FACEP
Gregg Miller, MD, FACEP
K Kay Moody, DO
Matt Sisk, MD

Stephen Anderson MD, FACEP
Past President (Non voting)
Enrique Enguidanos, MD, MBA, FACEP
Past President (Non voting)
Christopher Kang MD, FACEP
Past President (Non Voting)
John Matheson, MD, FACEP
Past President
Nathan Schlicher, MD, JD, MBA, FACEP
Past President (Non Voting)
Justin Grisham, DO
Resident Liaison
Rhadika “DeeDee” Souza, MD
Resident Liaison

2001 Sixth Avenue
Suite 2700
Seattle, WA 98121

(206) 441-9762 ext. 3038



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