Strategic Plan 2020-21

May 2020

Programs and activities we want to see in place in the next three years as a result of our actions include:

Member Focus

 Improved Membership Engagement

  • Improve awareness and engagement of the membership
  • Increased ED MD/DO membership rate in WA-ACEP
  • Highlight member success/recognition
  • Live streaming of board meetings
  • Communication – “This is WA ACEP”
  • 20 sponsored ED visits in 2017
  • Regional Listening sessions
  • Powerpoint presentation for ED visits
  • Board visits to all EDs
  • Improve membership

Leadership Development

  • Better succession planning / recruiting future board members
  • Robust mentorship program – pipeline for engagement
  • Leader development / resident student outreach
  • Further develop leadership / mentor
  • Promote diversity and inclusion
  • Residency outreach program
  • Expanding Young Physicians Section

Promoting Wellness

  • Robust wellness program – personal / professional – promotes values
  • Quadruple AIM implementation
  • Workplace wellness
  • Wellness toolkit


Advocacy Focus

Coordinated Advocacy Plus Alliances

  • Robust advocacy: Fair Coverage, Opioids, Boarding, Psych
  • Provider liability protection for disasters
  • Legislators turn automatically to WA-ACEP for input on issues relating to healthcare
  • Get to know legislators – especially your own
  • Improved partner relations
  • State-wide 911 legislative network
  • Alliance with WSMA
  • Alliance with WSHA
  • Keep a lobbyist
  • Increase PAC $

Fair Coverage / Compensation

  • Modeling for value based compensation – reimbursement / APM Collaboratives
  • Surprise billing resolution
  • Solve balance billing


Chapter Focus

 Educational Excellence

  • Summit to Sound– recognized as best chapter meeting, attract a national audience
  • Alternative educational programs
  • Local lectures / ultrasound

Ensuring Chapter Financial Health

  • Revenue making gala
  • Increase non-dues revenue


Systems Focus

Optimizing Systems of Care

  • State level venue – improve TOC from ED and Hospital via: 1) legislation, 2) right-size all resources
  • Robust telehealth legislation and implementation
  • Improved urgent care relationship
  • Improve SNF DISPO linkage
  • Bed and resource sharing
  • Defining urgent care
  • Solve opiates now

Optimizing Behavioral Health

  • Behavioral health care solutions fix “boarding” support mental health IDNs/ capacity
  • Elimination of psychiatric patient boarding
  • Expand mental health resources
  • Improve psych care