Legislative Committee








Committee Co-Chairs: Cameron Buck, MD and Liam Yore, MD

The purpose of this committee is to:

  • Work with the WA-ACEP Lobbyist
  • Advocate for emergency medicine related issues in Olympia and Washington DC
  • Monitor and advise the Board of Directors on legal and regulatory issues
  • Liaison with other professional organizations, such as the WA ENA and WSMA


Legislative Committee Members Include:

Alyssa Dalton, MD
Cameron Buck, MD, FACEP
Herbie Duber, MD
K Kay Moody, MD, FACEP
Liam Yore, MD, FACEP
Lola Mudgistratova, MD
Michael Zylstra, MD
the Hon. Nathan Schlicher, MD, JD, FACEP
Roderick Beaver, MD
Ryan Keay, MD, FACEP
Sarah Hansen, MD
Josh Frank, MD
Elizabeth Borock, MD, FACEP