2022 WA-ACEP Awards

2022 WA-ACEP Awards

The WA-ACEP has identified several award recipients for both the Guardian and Nancy Auer Meritorious awards. Please review the below descriptions and vote on candidates you think most deserving this year. Please note that candidates not selected this year may be nominated again in subsequent years.

The Guardian Award recognizes physicians, nurses, legislators, other organizations, or individuals who have gone above and beyond the norm to protect the safety net of emergency medicine, improve the quality of patient care delivery, and work to support the efforts of WA ACEP.

Previous Recipients

    • 2021 – Vicki Sakata
    • 2020 – no award year due to pandemic
    • 2019 – Pauline Proulx, WA-ACEP

Executive Director

  • 2018 – Katie Kolan, JD and Sean Graham, WSMA
  • 2017 – Washington Chapter, Emergency Nurses Association
  • 2015 – Carol Ostrom, The Seattle Times; and Sean Robinson, Tacoma News Tribune
  • 2013 – Tim Layton, JD, MPA and Susie Tracy
  • 2012 – The Honorable Eileen Cody; Stephen Anderson, MD, FACEP; and Nathan Schlicher, MD, JD, MBA, FACEP

The Nancy Auer Meritorious Award recognizes WA-ACEP members who have gone above and beyond the norm in emergency medicine to improve the quality of patient care and support the efforts of the chapter.

Previous Winners

  • 2021 – Steven Anderson, MD, FACEP
  • 2020 – no award year due to pandemic
  • 2019 – Steve Marshall MD, FACEP
  • 2018 – Mickey Eisenberg, MD, FACEP
  • 2017 – Kathleen Jobe, MD, FACEP
  • 2016 – James Nania, MD, FACEP
  • 2015 – Marv Wayne, MD, FACEP, FAAEM, FAHA
  • 2013 – Ted Walkley, MD, FAAP, FACEP
  • 2012 – Cindy Markus, MD, FACEP


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Guardian Award

Steven Mitchell, MD and Mark Taylor: Dr. Steven Mitchell and Mark Taylor have worked since the onset of the pandemic to safeguard the quality of care of the citizens of WA State through their efforts in the design, establishment and oversight of the Washington Medical Coordination Center (WMCC). Under the leadership of Dr. Steven Mitchell and Mark Taylor, the role of the WMCC has expanded tremendously, playing a pivotal role in the WA state response to the ongoing crisis related to hospital capacity.

Aine Yore MD is a past president of WA ACEP (2018-2019) and past president of North Sound Emergency Physicians. She was the key driver and tireless advocate in WA ACEP's more than a decade, effort to get a State balance billing law that was fair to emergency physicians. Through her work WA law currently includes baseball style arbitration that balances the interests of the doctor against the insurance industry.

Nancy Auer Meritorious Award

Dr. Buck has been a member of the WA-ACEP BoDs since 2013, serving as the 2019-20 president. Additionally, he has served as the Chair of the Legislative and Advocacy Committee since 2019. During his year as President of WA-ACEP, he guided us through the first months of the COIVD-19 pandemic, ensuring that Washington State emergency physicians had access to the latest, rapidly changing data related to treatment protocols, PPE, and other essential information. Dr. Buck has also served as a WA-ACEP representative to the WA State Governor’s EMS and Trauma Steering Committee for which he currently serves as the Chair of the Emergency Cardiac and Stroke Technical Advisory Committee.

Perhaps most significant however is his work related to the development and passage of the WA State Senate Bill SSB 5821, which seeks to improve the quality of care for the citizens in WA State who suffer an acute stroke or cardiac event. T Efforts to develop and pass this very consequential bill have been ongoing for the past several years and Dr. Buck’s leadership has been instrumental in our success.

Nathan Schlicher, JD, MD, FACEPserved as WA-ACEP President in 2016-2017, and WSMA 2020-2021. He was instrumental in crafting the Washington state Seven Best Practices guidelines, which has served as a national model for effective Medicaid reform. He served in the WA State Senate in 2013. Through all these roles he has continued practicing emergency medicine at St Joseph Medical Center in Tacoma.

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