Corona Virus – WA-ACEP Update

Washington has a confirmed a case of 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in a Snohomish County resident (a traveler who recently returned from Wuhan, China). You likely have received related communications and updated precautions for patients who are at risk. WA-ACEP thought it important to provide additional communication. For review, links are provided to current information and recommendations.

Please see your local health jurisdiction for additional information. As the situation evolves, WA-ACEP will continue to monitor and collaborate with local, regional and state public health agencies where needed.









Among the recent recommendations:

  • A travel and exposure history should be obtained for patients being evaluated for fever and acute respiratory illness.
  • Patients in the US  who have fever and symptoms of lower respiratory illness and who have a history of travel from Wuhan City or close contact with a patient under investigation for the novel coronavirus, as well as those with fever or lower respiratory symptoms and close contact with a laboratory-confirmed case of the novel coronavirus should be evaluated as a patient under investigation in association with the outbreak.
  • Patients under investigation should be asked to wear a surgical mask and evaluated in a private, closed room. Eye protection and standard contact precautions should be utilized by health care providers.
  • Criteria for a person under investigation (PUI) per CDC is noted below
  • Infection control personnel and local/state health departments should be notified immediately of any patients under investigation for the novel coronavirus.
  • Public health agencies in collaboration with the CDC will assist with proper patient testing.  Patients positive for other respiratory pathogens at this time are no longer considered possible Wuhan Coronavirus patients (may change)

Links regarding 2019-nCoV:

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