Keep the Pressure On: Ask Your Senator to Oppose HB 2114

Call Your Senator AGAIN about HB 2114

If you contacted your Senator last week, contact them again TODAY and urge them to oppose HB 2114. Don’t know your State Senator? Find out by entering your home address here.

WA-ACEP concerns with HB 2114:

  • The bill creates obvious incentives for carriers to “game the system” by driving down physician reimbursement. This could be accomplished by decreasing the rates they pay out-of-network physicians, and by discontinuing contracts that reimburse physicians more generously (thus driving down the median contracted rate over time).
  • Insurance carriers would also be incentivized to contract with fewer physicians – further exacerbating the trend towards “narrow” insurance networks that include few physicians.
  • The bill references the Washington State All-Payer Claims Database which is not yet fully operational.

Ask your Senator to oppose the bill.