2017 Summit-to-Sound Speaker Information: Out of Town

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The WA-ACEP agrees to provide faculty with complimentary meeting registration, $500 honorarium, two nights accommodations at The Edgewater Hotel, airfare, meals, mileage and parking. Please indicate the nights you would like hotel accommodations:

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We ask that you bring your presentation on a flash drive. For your presentation, WA-ACEP will provide a podium, microphone, screen, LCD Projector, and laptop computer.

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All speakers are required to provide contributions for the CME E-Syllabus. Please submit your contributions no later than March 31, 2017.  In addition to submitting the materials via this form, you may email them to plp@wsma.org or send via Dropbox.

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Contact Pauline Proulx at 206-956-3648 or send an email to plp@wsma.org