EDIE and PMP Integration

The Emergency Department Information Exchange (EDIE) and the Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) now are linked in 72 of the state’s 93 facilities. One Health Port and Collective Medical Technologies are working together to provide notification of potential “at risk” controlled substance utilization by providing PMP data as a part of an EDIE query. PMP data will be sent if any EDIE trigger is met or if specific controlled substance triggers are met. This will accomplish two tremendously important objectives:

  1. Improved utilization -Removal of the current cumbersome process of accessing information through the PMP. Providers will no longer have to sign on and access data. The information will be automatically pushed and embedded within EDIE alerts.
  2. Removal of provider bias –The systematic process and automated notification will increase awareness of risk patients, not just the patients who “raise our antennas.”

If the EDIE and PMP are not yet linked in your facility, or if you have any questions on the status the integration, contact Pauline in the WA-ACEP office at plp@wsma.org.