Why become an ACEP Fellow? Just ask your WA-ACEP colleagues

“It’s a nice distinction that recognizes contributions beyond the clinical practice of emergency medicine.  It shows that you are invested in your colleagues and advancing emergency medicine as a specialty.  It also signals to other specialties within the house of medicine that Emergency Medicine is a distinct, academic specialty.”

WA-ACEP Secretary/Treasurer Pat Solari, MD, FACEP Class of 2014

“Being a fellow demonstrates active involvement in EM and commitment to improving the specialty. It also should reflect a desire for continued involvement in activities which promote advancing the care of our patients and solidifying EM as a specialty.  For me it is signifies my desire to enrich my experience beyond the ‘clinical only’ arena. This may be related to organizational leadership (at institution or system level), education, academics, research, or administration. It represents individual commitment to the ACEP group effort.

WA-ACEP BOD Member Cameron Buck, MD, FACEP Class of 2014


The FACEP designation means more than just board certification – it indicates a true leader in emergency medicine. Eligible members must apply by Aug. 31 to be inducted at ACEP15 in October. If you have questions about your eligibility for Fellow Status, contact Membership and Customer Service at 800-798-1822, ext. 5, for your personal eligibility review. Learn more. Contact the WA-ACEP office at plp@wsma.org  if you need help from the chapter.