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Adopt and Implement Seven Best Practices

In an effort to avoid dangerous changes to the state Medicaid ER payment structure, WA/ACEP, working with the Washington State Medical Association (WSMA) and the Washington State Hospital Association (WSHA), successfully convinced state lawmakers to enact a budget provisio that includes a “Best Practices” approach to reduce unnecessary ER visits. Initially, the state sought to deny Medicaid payments for hundreds of common ER diagnosis, putting patients, hospitals and physicians at risk. This Best Practice approach is the product of more than a year of hard work by leaders of WA/ACEP, WSMA and WSHA.  In order to avoid the Medicaid no-payment policy on July 1, 2012, hospitals are expected to adopt and implement the seven Best Practices by June 15, 2012. An attestation letter must also be submitted to the Health Care Authority. Please visit the links below to see how your Emergency Department can utilize these Best Practices to better serve its patients.

Best Practices Tool Kit
Seven Best Practices
Instructions for completing best practice documentation
Attestation Letter
Webinar Schedule (under Calendar of Events)
Prescribing Pain Medication Patient Education Poster (available in several languages)
Help Patients Choose the Right Place for Care – Patient education brochure
(Versions: English, Russian, Vietnamese, Spanish)
More Information ER is for Emergencies
Background Information
Prescription Monitoring Program
Washington State Hospital Association
A Letter from the WA/ACEP Board of Directors Regarding Opioid Guidelines