National Speakers at 2018 Summit to Sound


Brian Lin, MD, FACEP Ryan Radecki, MD, MS, FACEP Magen Ranney, MD, MPH, FACEP Ashley Shreves, MD

We’re excited to host national speakers at the 2018 WA-ACEP Summit to Sound May 31-June 1 at the Bell Harbor Conference Center in Seattle. Take a look at our agenda and register today!


Mickey Eisenberg, MD, FACEP – 2018 Nancy Auer Award Recipient

As an early leader of Emergency Medicine at the University of Washington, Dr. Eisenberg realized that critical resuscitations began prior to patient arrival and continued through the inpatient handoff.  His research and quiet, academic approach helped make Medic One the world leader in Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest, while expanding Emergency Medicine’s reputation as a critical part of the entire hospital experience.  He is among the first Washington EM mentors to lecture at the National Scientific Assembly and is still trusted by academic and “trench EM Docs” alike for his honesty and positive encouragement to develop and teach the science that is now Emergency Medicine. More.



Hands On Workshops at WA-ACEP Meeting

Ultrasound Vascular Access Workshop

9-11:30 AM – Thursday, May 31
This hands-on workshop is designed for practitioners who are responsible for vascular access. Learn how to utilize bedside ultrasonography to obtain both peripheral and central venous access and therefore improve your success rates and patient care. Live models and medical simulation phantoms are utilized to practice hands-on skills.  Upon completion, participants will receive an attestation form for training examinations.


Advanced Techniques in Difficult Conversations and Conflict Resolution Workshop

9-11:30 AM – Thursday, May 31
What’s the patient encounter that you dread? That makes you cringe?  That keeps you awake at night after your shift? Typically it isn’t an issue of medical knowledge—you’ve got that covered.  It’s the uncomfortable interpersonal encounters that cause the real heartburn.

It’s those situations you never learn how to handle in residency, and now that you work by yourself you wonder, “How do others deal with this situation?”

This session aims to share tips and strategies to better handle those situations.  From navigating personality disorders to verbally de-escalating tense situations to managing sensitive conversations, this 2.5 hour interactive session will provide practical tools for Emergency Physicians to more confidently manage the conflicts and difficult encounters that arise in our clinical work.

Utilizing small group formats, improvisational actors, and participants’ real experiences, this will be a fun, interactive skill building session.  We will introduce practical frameworks drawn from multiple fields and practice skills that you can directly use in your next ED shift.

Learn more.


Balance Billing Legislation Dead for 2018 Session

You did it! Thanks to your phone calls and emails to legislators,  HB 2114 never advanced to a vote in the Senate. The issue certainly will be back next session, and we will call on you again to educate legislators about our position. But, for now, let’s savor this victory.

Thank you WA-ACEP Members!


Poster Submission Deadline Extended

Washington Chapter ACEP is calling for posters to be presented at its Scientific Assembly to be held during Summit to Sound May 31-June 1. Design a poster that highlights an interesting study or unique solutions to problems faced in emergency medicine today. Posters will be on display throughout the conference, along with the opportunity to discuss ideas with other colleagues. Submit an electronic copy of your abstract by March 15, 2018 to Jason Heiner, MD at for it to be considered for display at the conference and to have it included in the conference syllabus. See poster rules for more information.


Keep the Pressure On: Ask Your Senator to Oppose HB 2114

Call Your Senator AGAIN about HB 2114

If you contacted your Senator last week, contact them again TODAY and urge them to oppose HB 2114. Don’t know your State Senator? Find out by entering your home address here.

WA-ACEP concerns with HB 2114:

  • The bill creates obvious incentives for carriers to “game the system” by driving down physician reimbursement. This could be accomplished by decreasing the rates they pay out-of-network physicians, and by discontinuing contracts that reimburse physicians more generously (thus driving down the median contracted rate over time).
  • Insurance carriers would also be incentivized to contract with fewer physicians – further exacerbating the trend towards “narrow” insurance networks that include few physicians.
  • The bill references the Washington State All-Payer Claims Database which is not yet fully operational.

Ask your Senator to oppose the bill.