Don’t Miss the 2016 WA-ACEP Leadership Summit Nov. 2

SeatacConCtrED Directors and Leaders are invited to attend the 11th Annual Emergency Medicine Leadership Summit Nov.2 at the The Conference Center at the Seattle Tacoma International Airport.  Conference registration is free for WA ED Directors and includes breakfast, lunch, reception, meeting materials and CME. We would like a representative from each ED in the state to attend. 

EM Leadership Summit topics include:

  • How to Thrive as an Independent Group in the ACO Era
  • Best Practices in Dealing with New Hires: Creating a Positive Culture in Your Group
  • Methods for Utilizing PAs and NPs
  • How to Speak in Financial Terms to Your COO and CFO about Your ED’s Needs
  • Clinical Pathways

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Shout Out to Washington from Louisiana State Treasurer

Anderson 2012John Kennedy, Louisiana State Treasurer, recently wrote in one of the state’s journal, “A few years ago, Washington State started looking at utilization of the emergency room by Medicaid patients as the program’s costs soared amid the economic recession. Some patients were going to the emergency room more than 100 times a year. Washington State found that 85 percent of the frequent visitors had serious mental health problems and 48 percent had substance abuse issues.

“The state’s political leadership asked the state’s hospitals and doctors to sit down and come up with some solutions. Legislation produced reforms that actually are working and saving the state millions of dollars.”

Read the entire article and a response from ACEP Board Member and WA-ACEP Past President Stephen Anderson, MD, FACEP.


WA-ACEP Members Advocate for You!

WA-ACEP sent its largest group yet to ACEP’s Legislative and Advocacy Conference (LAC) May 15-18 in Washington, DC. Seventeen members from Washington State visited with legislators to advocate for Emergency Medicine on subjects such as opioid and EMS issues,  mental health reform and EMTALA. 


Schlicher Named WA-ACEP President

Nathan_JohnNathan Schlicher, MD, JD, FACEP took over the reins of the chapter at the annual meeting,  2016 Summit to Sound held April 27-29 in Seattle. Schlicher succeeds John Matheson, MD, FACEP as President. Other officers elected were: Pat Solari, MD, FACEP as President Elect; and Liam Yore, MD, FACEP as Secretary/Treasurer. Board Members elected were: Drs. Cameron Buck (reelected to second term), Jaime Delcampo, Raul Garcia, Jamie Jenkins and Gregg Miller. See a complete list of WA-ACEP Board Members.


Guest Lecturers

WA-ACEP Board Members are available for education directed to your physician group, training program and staff. See our list of guest lecturers available to speak at your upcoming meetings and conferences.


Join the WA-ACEP PAC Coffee Club


Help protect Emergency Medicine in Washington State by donating $250/year (the cost of one $5 cup of coffee a week) to the WA-ACEP PAC Coffee Club! Coffee Club members will receive a free lapel pin and recognition in newsletters, emails, and other member communications, and help build Emergency Medicine’s voice in Olympia. Learn more and donate.